Through the support of a team of experts supported by the best modeling practices

BIM Model

The effectiveness of the BIM intervention in any of the different stages of a building goes hand in hand with a correct development of the models both by the reliable geometric elaboration plus the correct assignment of all the information contained, that is, an appropriate virtual construction. Achieving the highest performance and granting the greatest advantages of BIM processes requires the development of high quality models appropriate to the level of development requested, a commitment that ConstruBIM acquires from its clients.

We offer the development and delivery of models for each and every one of the disciplines that make up the building: architecture, structure, MEP at all levels of development LOD (for its acronym in English) from conceptual level and design LOD 100/200 to the levels of development that involve greater geometric detail and integration of information: Documentation, construction and management LOD 300, 400 and 500 supported fundamentally by the Revit tool.