Topographic surveys for small, medium and large tracts of land

Drone Mapping & Lifting

When it is required to perform a topographic survey by direct methods, we must wait for a period of time that normally, takes weeks and, in a more drastic scenario, months. With the eBee drones this task is reduced to hours or days, since it performs flights based on photogrammetric methods and takes a series of high resolution digital images that generate a photographic mosaic. Nor should we worry about the coordinate system, since eBee is provided with a global positioning system (GPS), which geo-reference, with excellent precision, in coordinates to locate the survey in the geographical space worldwide.

Once finished, the products obtained from the flight are point clouds, meshes or three-dimensional triangulations, with which surfaces are generated and a virtual 3D model is obtained with precision from 0.015 to 0.005 m, which can be manipulated and offers data as if they were being derived by a direct field method.