About Us

Welcome to Construbim

We are a leading global AEC technology and project delivery company committed to the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes in project development and construction Upholding long-established principles we provide our clients with high-quality services that lead to significant cost and time savings all while adapting to each project’s unique requirements.

Our approach involves working closely with clients to introduce new processes, tools, and expertise, cultivating high-performance teams and projects. We place emphasis on the entire building design and construction process, propelling project improvement worldwide through advanced technologies, superior quality information, and more collaborative working methods.

Drawing from our extensive experience and in-depth technical knowledge, we specialize in executing one-of-a-kind projects and intricate structures to help bring the project vision to life.

Why Construbim

Flexibility :

At construbim, our employees are global citizens, always prepared to travel worldwide to contribute their expertise in building extraordinary structures.

Cost-Effective Solutions :

With a majority of our team working remotely from Mexico and Beirut, we can offer competitive pricing in comparison to other market alternatives, ensuring cost savings for our clients.

Extensive Experience :

Our team members at construbim have been utilizing BIM for many years, with some among us being early adopters of this innovative technology. Our collective experience and knowledge, combined with cutting-edge technology, enable us to successfully execute highly complex projects. Effective coordination with all project stakeholders is crucial to a project’s success, and our team has extensive experience in managing large-scale projects in collaboration with various AEC industry partners.